Wednesday, 6 December 2006

The Latest Trends for Winter 2006

The Latest Trends

Fashion is now moving in a new direction so make sure you keep your eye on it!

  • Red is the colour to wear so make a statement and wear a bright red piece to give your outfit an exciting new look
  • As winter is weel on its way and its getting a bit nippy noodles outside, layer up in chunky knits in the form of long cardigans and detailed jumpers. Glam it up and give it shape by accessorising with belts
  • The 80s are back, in fashion that is. Try wearing daring, bright, electric colours
  • You thought you would never ever wear it but you are, yes tartan is back and millions of fashionistas are making a bold statement with this piece of material.
  • The boyish tailored look is in, so grab your boyfriends shirts and suits and glam them up a little with frills and belts.


Siie said...

just bought a pair of red vintage pumps. yaay.

Lisa said...

thanks beauty!

keep on shining.


Anonymous said...

thank you darling

mandi said...

i love wearing red lipstick as a statment in the fall and winter months, it's so chic!

Nemerae said...

Thanks :)
The 80s are back, yep.. and I have a red dress, a red t-shirt, a red heels and a red bag haha

Fashion Tidbits said...

the boyfriend look is def awesome